Latin American Studies Conference/Study of the Americas

April 19-20, 2018, CSUSB - Call for papers. Conference Program.

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Conference Theme: Democracy in the Americas and Immigration [2018 Conference Poster]

2018 Keynotes

  • Gerardo Munck –Professor of International Relations and Political Science, University of Southern California

Title: Latin America’s Post-transitional Politics: Problems of and for Democracy in the New Century
Thursday, April 19, 10am-11am
Pfau Library, Room 5005
Professor Munck, Argentinian by birth, received his Ph.D. in political science from UC San Diego and is a specialist on political regimes and democracy, methodology, and Latin America. He is currently a Professor at the University of Southern California. His books include Regimes and Democracy in Latin America (Oxford, 2007); Passion, Craft, and Method in Comparative Politics (with Richard Snyder; Johns Hopkins, 2007); and Authoritarianism and Democratization. Soldiers and Workers in Argentina, 1976-83 (Penn State, 1998). He collaborated in the preparation of United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) report Democracy in Latin America (2004) and is currently active in various initiatives to promote and monitor democracy.

  • Kent Wong - Director of the UCLA Labor Center and Professor of Asian Studies, UCLA

Title: U.S. Immigrant Youth at a Crossroads
Thursday, April 19, 12-1pm
Pfau Library, Room 5005
Kent Wong is the director of the UCLA Labor Center, where he teaches Labor Studies and Ethnic Studies. He has published more than ten books on the labor movement, immigrant rights, popular education, and the Asian American community. His most recent books are Nonviolence and Social Movements: The Teachings of Rev. James L. Lawson Jr. and Dreams Deported:  Immigrant Youth and Families Resist Deportation. Previously, Kent worked as staff attorney for the Service Employees International Union in Los Angeles. Kent was also the founding President of the United Association for Labor Education—a national organization representing university-based labor centers and union education departments. Currently, he is a Vice President of the California Federation of Teachers, representing 120,000 teachers and educational workers, co-chair of the California Assembly Speaker’s Commission on Labor Education, and chair of the board of the New World Foundation. 

  • Shannon Speed - Director of the American Indian Studies Center and Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Anthropology, UCLA

Title: Captive Stories: Indigenous Women Migrants and the Settler Capitalist State
Friday, April 20, 11am-12noon
Pfau Library, Room 5005

Shannon Speed is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and holds a PhD in Anthropology and Native American Studies from UC Davis. She has worked for the last two decades in Mexico and in the U.S on issues of indigenous autonomy, sovereignty, gender, human rights, violence, migration, and social justice. She has published five books and edited volumes, including Rights in Rebellion: Human Rights and Indigenous Struggle in Chiapas. She has published numerous journal articles and book chapters in English and Spanish, as well as two books in Spanish. Her forthcoming book is called Captive Stories: Indigenous Women Migrants and the Settler Capitalist State. She is the recipient of various awards and honors, including a Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Seminar Grant, Harvard University; a Lifetime Achievement Award from the State Bar of Texas American Indian Law Section (2014); and the Dynamic Woman of the Year Award from the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma (2013).

2017 Conference Poster

2017 Conference Program

Sunú: A documentary film about one of the world’s greatest treasures Materials


Fran Ilich - “Another world is possible: Hidden digital histories, community building, and the power of agency”

Dr. Sara Sefchovich - "Escribir y recordar" ("To write and to remember")
Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, UNAM

Dr. Carlos Martinez Assad- "La memoria y la construcción de la identidad" ("Memory and the construction of identity")
Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, UNAM

ALSO FEATURING: Two Special Sessions on Health-related Issues in Latin America and of Latinos in the US

ALSO FEATURING: Screening of Sunú: A documentary film about one of the world’s greatest treasures (