Latin American Studies Conference/Study of the Americas

April 25-26, 2019 [Final Program LAS 2019]

The Latin American Studies Conference, “Study of the Americas,” fosters interest,
knowledge, and understanding of the very diverse peoples, processes and
histories shaping Latin America and the Caribbean. Research in Latin American
and Caribbean art, culture, music, indigenous peoples, literature, economics,
politics, and history are welcomed. Although we encourage papers and panel
proposals on any subject relating to the “Study of the Americas,” this year we are
especially interested in research and artistic presentations that relate to Latinx
politics, experiences, and expressions in the US and US-borderlands region. How
can we bridge Latin American Studies with Latinx Studies? What are the
intersections of colonial/decolonial histories across places? How does race,
gender, and/or sexuality shape the experiences of Latinx and Latin Americans?
What are the legacies of colonial histories in the US or Latin America and
Caribbean? What are the causes and consequences of nationalist rhetoric and
government policy along the border? Considering UNESCO’s declaration of 2019
as the International Year of Indigenous Languages, how might language be a site
to explore identity, memory, and community in national and transnational
contexts? Paper proposals are not limited to these questions.

April 25-26, 2019, CSUSB - Call for papers

Registration will be open here.

Conference Themes: Latinx politics, experiences, and expressions in the US and US-borderlands region [2019 Conference Poster]

2019 Keynote Speakers