Latin American Studies Advisory Board 2014-2016

Dr. Terry Ballman (ex-officio)

Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Members from the Inland Empire Community

To be announced

Paul Amaya

Director, Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP)

Dr. Fabián Borges Herrero

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Cesar Caballero

Dean, Library

Dr. Dorothy Chen-Maynard

Associate Professor, Health Science & Human Health Ecology

Dr. Rueyling Chuang

Professor, Communication Studies & Faculty Director CISP

Dr. Juan Delgado

Professor, English

Dr. Bibiana Diaz-Rodriguez

Assistant Professor, Spanish

Dr. Liliana Gallegos

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Dr. Antonieta Gallegos-Ruiz

Professor, Spanish

Dr. Kareen Gervasi

Associate Professor, Spanish

Dr. Carmen Jany - Coordinator

Associate Professor, Spanish and Linguistics

Dr. Michal Kohout

Associate Professor, Geography

Dr. José Muñoz

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dr. Mayo Toruño

Professor & Chair, Economics

Dr. Teresa Velasquez

Assistant Professor, Anthropology